Printing and Imaging

AFL has rich & diverse expertise in printing & imaging services and has been offering these services to Indian customers since 1991.

AFL provides repair and service solutions for all popular brands of printers – right from entry level printers to premium segment integrated printers and scanners. Our service covers all the printing and imaging segments such as Printers, Scanners, Point of Sale products, All-in-one Printers and High end scanners.

AFL also handles bulk installations of printers and imaging equipment, across India and provides consumables support for both warranty and out of warranty cases.

IT Peripherals

AFL supports multiple product lines of more than 20+ Principals or Original Equipment Manufacturers. OEMs face continuous challenges in the management of returns which adds to increased operational costs and customer dissatisfaction. AFL provides complete lifecycle services in the area of managing product returns – right from general Return Material Authorization (RMA), to comprehensive International RMA services.

We can manage the entire RMA program of manufacturers and product companies, ensuring that their end customers can get product refurbishments/ replacements for approved returns. A Return Material Authorization, is the process of having a product repaired or replaced, in order to receive a refund or credit for another product from the same retailer or corporation within the product’s warranty period.

AFL manages various types of product returns that includes – defective and dead-on-arrival products, demo returns and stock rotation returns. Our platform can log returns, test and sort them, refurbish parts, and discard, recycle, or ship the same according to the customers’ process.

The returned items themselves can be repackaged, refurbished, warehoused, shipped, or discarded. With our warranty validation services, we can serve as your returns warehouse where we scan each return to determine its warranty status.

Mobile Devices

AFL has premium centers for advanced component level repairs and Equal-to-New (ETN) refurbishment of whole unit and/or sub-assemblies of mobile devices. Over the years, we have developed expertise, trained requisite people, and streamlined processes that are needed to specialize in product repair / refurbishment for the Mobile handset industry.

This enables us to refurbish defective products into a condition that is almost Equivalent-To-New (ETN). This helps manufacturers reduce operating costs and increase profitability.